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Fit For Purpose

Every organisation at it's inception is underpinned by a defined purpose that motivated it's creator or creators.


An ancient philosopher once said, "a wiseman leaves an inheritance for his children and their children." In this book, 'Legacy', Sicelo Nkosi explores the difference between an inheritance and a legacy.

The 14 Year Startup

How do you go about building a legacy business? From decades of experience, Tshepo offers practical, step-by-step advice with questions, exercises, and recommended reading after each chapter – making this a highly interactive tool for business success.

The Door

A deeply intimate journey of his descent into the hell of addiction and his slow ascent back into the light. The key to opening doors through which many will be able to walk.

The Golden Combination

Tap into this golden combination source of entrepreneurial knowledge and experience! Get The 14-Year Startup & Fit for Purpose.

The Hector Experience

The motivation and music that took me to different stages and studios.

The Unending Struggle for Relevance

Change is impossible to predict. How will your business respond to it?